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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

My Honest Review of Anime Ape.

 Let's get to the point.

Is the worst experience and Purchase I had ever made.


                                            This is what I order

                                                     Toushiro Hitsugaya Coat.                                                                            


                                                        Kenpachi of Zaraki Coat


    This are my two favorite captains Squad 10 TΓ΄shiro Hitsugaya and Squad 11 Kenpachi Zaraki.

    I saw these two coat on instagram and I been eyeing for a while near christmas time. I decided to indulge myself my own christmas gift. it took months not kidding like 4 to 5 month to process and to be deliver to me.

    When it finally arrived I was extremely excited until I opened the package, 1st horrible smell of humidity, 2nd it felt wet and 3rd/lastly it had stains. Multiple stains! Not just the stains from the design other stain I am not sure what it is.


                                      The picture of above ↑ are from the first order

    In immediately I went to customer service, they sent me 2 replacement. The new one to less time to arrived took like 2 months and some how it was worst the the first order. Even bigger stains, even wetter, and smellier. How can this even be possible. I asked myself.


                                    These picture above ↑ are the replacement 

    Again I went to customer service they told me they can send a new one or my money back, at this point you know what I did, I asked my money back it was like $159.00 USD plus shipping, I didn't get my shipping money back, however I did get my money for the coats back.

    Glad I didn't buy the ugly sweater of Toshiro, I found a reviews is just a T-shirt that cost over $50.00. I thought it was a real sweater. I wanted other thing from that store as well. It sad because they have lots of cool products.

In my honest opinion:

I give a 0 πŸ¦‡ of their product

I give a 3 πŸ¦‡ of their costumer service

I give a 2 πŸ¦‡ of their shipping packaging 

I give a 0 πŸ¦‡ of their shipping delivery (FYI ain't cheap)

Will I ever buy here again, maybe if they fixed how to make sure it doesn't stain, nor smell and not come wet. Until then is -666 I will even buy from here ever again.

Overall its horrible in my honest opinion!!! πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡

please if you ever bought from Anime ape tell me your experience on the comments below:

Thursday, September 2, 2021

This woken me! #WALKAWAY

 This video you really need to watch by Clarissa Bell.

First Thank you for your service Clarissa!


Like her, I will admit, when it comes to politics, I am bliss ignorant. Especially Puerto Rico politics. Why? Because I always felt it divided everyone and brought so much anger like USA.


Last year alone, I have learned something new every day through YouTube recommendations like Louder with Crowder, Tim cast IRLYoungRippa59 and more.


You're probably wondering why; I am learning more about politics, cultures and more in the USA VS Puerto Rico. The Majority of Puerto Rico Political Parties are corrupt, and I wish we can give chance to other political party like PIP and other party. The other reason why I am learning USA Politics, I would like to move there one day and whatever the USA politics do n' said will influence/or affect Puerto Ricans. Whether you like it or not. I recommend, do a little research on why Puerto Ricans want independence and why we are fighting independence since Spain and now, the USA. (FYI; I don't say America because they're North, Center, and South America, plus even when you say the United States "OF" America. "Of" = Part ).

We need to fight our freedom when it comes, to speech, bodies, our lives. One day we might end up like Cuba, China, Russia and North Korea. Fyi I am part Cuban, I know some of my Cuban history from my family. They flee Cuba when Castro became a dictator.

Friday, August 27, 2021

My Experience/Review With Ozzie Collectibles

Hi fellows Funko Collectors

Yes, I knowledge I am goth, and my peers will probably be looked down on me for my interest, especially in the Funko world. My Otaku/geeky side of my life is part of me, and I love it regardless of whatever people say.

Now For my Experience With Ozzie Collectables.

First off, Ozzie Collectables it's based in Australia. They Sells Funko's, TCG, Action Figure, D&D Kits (I want to play this game at least once in my life) and more.

Disclaimer: I never bought from this place before. It's my first time buying from this online store. I'm not affiliated' with Ozzie Collectables whatsoever. These are my Honest Review. I will Update in a new blog post if I do become an affiliate with Ozzie Collectables. (Zero Probability I will become one πŸ˜‚)

An all honestly I was scared what had read on the internet. I saw half of people saying they were awful company and the other half said it was amazing. 

So I decide to take a risk and bought from them. FYI if you are asking why I bought from this place? Well I am a collector and it infuriates me this scalper/bots buy and sell to a higher price. So I was looking for a place that would sell the Funko that I want for a reasonable price and that could shipped to my location without discrimination no matter what. FYI yes it has happen to me other people when it comes to shipping.

Costumer Service

At the beginning before I bought anything I read the term of service (please read it before buying) and I was worried about shipment and custom. 

First Person a lovely Lady (Her name start with D I don't want to say her name because I don't have her permission) Miss D. was so incredibly sweet, patience with me and and answer best to her knowledge about shipping especially when it came to my location.

Miss D help me find the right place to call for custom to see if I have to pay for tax to let in my order let through. Thankfully I don't, have to pay any tax for my order, because it was under $60.00 USD and my second order $150.00 US Dollars and my location is under USA I didn't have to worry 😌. FYI if you are in the USA you can buy from Australia and if your order is under $800 dollars and you don't have to pay custom tax thats depend what you are buying of course and make sure what you are ordering can  be shipped to your location. If you going to buy as a gift for someone else has to be under 100 USD if you buy from Australia. Also don't make multiple orders you will have problem with customs. Please do your diligence before buying!!!!!

After My Purchase Second person V. he answer my question about delivery. I forgot to asked how do they deliver? separately when they get the merchandize or all at once. They do both and you have to pay for each item to be deliver to you or do what I did  just pay one time shipping.

Since I order twice, my first order had a bigger order and mostly preorders. The Second Order had it in stocked. To my surprised they partial from my first order with my second order.

It was shipped on and was delivered?

My first/second order was shipped on August 10, 2021 it was deliver on August 23, 2021.

How long it took to arrive? 

I placed my first order was made July 16, 2021.


Second-Order was July 29, 2021

in total 1st 5weeks and 2 days. 2nd 3 weeks and 4 days.

How was the condition of the box? 

Few dents, but great condition, had a fragile sticker. For the shipping I pay I think is reasonable paying $27.00 with tracking number and a signature to received it. 

This my little rant to USPS guys don't sign it for me, because next time we will have problem. Thank god I had a tracking number.

How Protect/condition was the Funko's?

One of the best protection I have seen, came with plastic protector, news paper and bubble wrap for the key chain. everything was in the middle.

Video Below

What was my order?

First Order

What If - Party Thor US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

Thor - Loki Black & White US Exclusive Pocket Pop! Keychain   What If - Doctor Strange Supreme Glow US Exclusive Pop!


                                     And three other Funko POP waiting to arrived. 😭

Second Order

WandaVision - The Vision GW Pop! RS - Sold Out

                       WandaVision - Halloween Wanda Pop!         &        Doctor Strange Black Light US Exclusive                               


Are the Funko's Genuine or Fake?

All 6 are real.

Overall Experience

I will buy definitely from Ozzie, I have the best customer service I any other place.

I hope this review has help you in any way possible. If you would like me to buy from a different place for an honest review. Please leave in the comments section, and shortly check them out. Caution only if they can deliver to my location.

Thank you and Happy Hunting fellow Funko's Collectors

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If you use my referral code, I'll receive 100 points. I'm hoping to get 50 dollars πŸ’Έ off of my next order. πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚❤

To my Australians Keep on fighting for your right and freedom!!!
You are in my prayers.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Before You Start Streaming

One thing I worried about if I stream in the platform Twitch and YouTube is inappropriate or explicit words in the chat room.  In my opinion, mostly this one thing women fear the most because of "harassment" and men fear of getting banned because of trolls or being accused of "harassing" another streamer or content creator. We all can agree is everyone is trying to follow this platform strick/loosely guides lines. I have a few recommendations for the new Streamer. 

  1. Watch your favorite streamer or streamer you never have seen before chats.
  2. Watching their chat lookout for people like trolls, or what makes you uncountable.
  3. Make a list of words they used to harass, band streamer, sexual, or even bulgur.
  4. Asked some of your favorites Stream or people who have been ban from their platform what are the common words they see or they had to censor.
  5. After your list makes sure you also have miss spell ones so it doesn't show up in your chats, also have the well-written word in different languages. 
  6. Start placing the words you want to band in your chat in the platform you are using.
  7. Check the Guidelines or find a video speaking about the guidelines if you don't have the patience read. (Me Included)
  8. This is for the lady only. (Sorry Guys!) Ladies you should know this already you need lots of tough skin. We tend to get very sentimental because of our insecurity, even if we don't want to admit too. If a guy is criticizing please don't take it to seriously instead take the info 1 used it to improve your channel, 2 laugh it up or add hey you forgot this and this, 3 leave a comment peacefully. (Example like hey creator interesting video you did about there are a few things I don't agree, or you could have word another way, didn't have to call me because, or respond back with a video like hey if possible the next video you did at me you miss it was great and have to point this and this) We have to remember guys are human too, they make mistake like us.  By the way, before I forget you are entitled to your emotions don't forget that nobody can say you are in the wrong for feelings. Same for you guys. ⇩
  9. This for the guys only (don't worry ladies I got this) I know this might piss you off or maybe you might have an open to this like I said above we women have insecurity like I stated above. When you call us Th()T, B!tCh, and more, you don't know what we have gone through. We get trigger in a different way, some of them might have a horrible past, some women don't care and some of them are the stated previously are. But the one who gets more sensitive and I will admit like me we heard this word for years and it damages ourselves mentally, emotionally and our self-esteem. And all the progress we have done or we trying to be "normal" (when I say normal, we are free to be us without care and not awkward, depressed, etc) in a second we are back to our childhood. Guys, I know you have gone through the thing or even worst. I only asked if you want to be respected without saying he this and that we don't to heard that. I don't mind the critic, but we can do it respect especially in a time of age we are in. My apologies for the long sentence for the 9th recommendation. 
  10. 8/9 recommendation goes both. Keep in mind when your action will affect the other party and yourselves. If you have a kid from the opposite gender and they stream or make a video on youtube the same words you use for the other stream you will be mama and papa bear and want to rip off their heads. (sorry for my tiny/long rant).
  11. Remember you are there to have fun and share what you love to, have fun with your fan that why they came for your channel because they like what you do, always be grateful for your fan and be respectful to your fan.
  12. Streaming is not for anyone, it takes time to get the level you see yourself.

Thank you, everyone! I hope you enjoy my blog post.
If you have a recommendation or please leave a comment below.
Please be safe, take care of yourself.

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