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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Why I hate the term Latin X!

Why am I going on this Rant? 

Because of google insulting Latins

Aka los Latinos or Latinas or "Latine"

First I am Puerto Rican, descendants of Spain = Hispanic, Portuguese, Italian, French aka can called me super Latina LMAO.  Plus Black African slave, Indigenous Taíno, Mayan aka American Indian. I did a DNA I was surprised what my result show, I even learn I was German, Caribbean, Jewish, Asian and even Arabic. 

(BTW for those who don't know Latin American was to called the French, Italian, Hispanic that immigrated to the USA)

Secondly why I hate the term you will have to see it through our history. When Puerto Rico became a colony of the USA. The USA wanted to force English language and forget our native tongue Spanish with a twist; let me explain. We Puerto Rican used Spanish, African and native Indian "Los Taínos" words on the daily. Like (chola = Cabeza = Head) Chola is an indigenous word. 

We fought to keep our Native mixed tongue, and guess what we won.

For me Latin (X) is insulting, degrading, racist, race baiting and manipulation from US politicians.  

If you come here in Puerto Rico if we heard that we would call you jodio gringo pendejo o pendeja. 

We will never change our language so this left wing pendej@s feel important and "savior" for "fixing" our language that they don't even speak.

Guess what Spanish isn't the only gender language out there. There's French. The left won't try to change their language why is that? I will wait for your answer in the comments.

Thirdly I am grateful for google for me to have this server for my website. Currently is free for me to have this server, one day I hope I can grown enough I can moved to a new server until then here I stay.

But Google Publishing is insulting me and other latin@s. Using a race card for me to supposedly to grow my website, because I am in an imaginary box just because I am Hispanic/Latina. To manipulate me and others, I have seen so much google and politicians ignoring us when they used this term. If google really cared what the hispanic has to say and was reading our comment and see what we were saying. They would have seen more than 90% percent don't used this term and we don't want it. They would have stop using it long ago.

Business using Latinx to buy their shit so we can so called proud and especial. Guess what I am special, but I don't need no one to tell me that or see me that way. Why? I know who I am, my friends know who I am. They have see me at my lowest to highest and they respect me (well some of them they don't like how I do my hair😝).  Google and Companies like Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Disney for the love of god don't used my heritage like a product or money bag just because I am latina. You are only hurting your selves. Stop Race Baiting and manipulations.

Fourth Latinx can't not be used in Spanish what so ever, we can't even pronounce it. X is pronounce (equis = Ehh keys)

Other thing It is el in Spanish depending the context, él for him, el for the. El is masculine but sometimes we use el in some gender word for female, example el mar (mar is feminine). Another thing La mar and El mar are both correct depending of the context.

So if the above example doesn't make you see why latinx is not could never work. Please go to the mother lands and learn Spanish like it was force on us to learn both language English and Spanish.

Example Below from fellow Latin@S, non latin@s & Links Articles


Thursday, September 2, 2021

This woken me! #WALKAWAY

 This video you really need to watch by Clarissa Bell.

First Thank you for your service Clarissa!


Like her, I will admit, when it comes to politics, I am bliss ignorant. Especially Puerto Rico politics. Why? Because I always felt it divided everyone and brought so much anger like USA.


Last year alone, I have learned something new every day through YouTube recommendations like Louder with Crowder, Tim cast IRLYoungRippa59 and more.


You're probably wondering why; I am learning more about politics, cultures and more in the USA VS Puerto Rico. The Majority of Puerto Rico Political Parties are corrupt, and I wish we can give chance to other political party like PIP and other party. The other reason why I am learning USA Politics, I would like to move there one day and whatever the USA politics do n' said will influence/or affect Puerto Ricans. Whether you like it or not. I recommend, do a little research on why Puerto Ricans want independence and why we are fighting independence since Spain and now, the USA. (FYI; I don't say America because they're North, Center, and South America, plus even when you say the United States "OF" America. "Of" = Part ).

We need to fight our freedom when it comes, to speech, bodies, our lives. One day we might end up like Cuba, China, Russia and North Korea. Fyi I am part Cuban, I know some of my Cuban history from my family. They flee Cuba when Castro became a dictator.

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