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Thursday, September 2, 2021

This woken me! #WALKAWAY

 This video you really need to watch by Clarissa Bell.

First Thank you for your service Clarissa!


Like her, I will admit, when it comes to politics, I am bliss ignorant. Especially Puerto Rico politics. Why? Because I always felt it divided everyone and brought so much anger like USA.


Last year alone, I have learned something new every day through YouTube recommendations like Louder with Crowder, Tim cast IRLYoungRippa59 and more.


You're probably wondering why; I am learning more about politics, cultures and more in the USA VS Puerto Rico. The Majority of Puerto Rico Political Parties are corrupt, and I wish we can give chance to other political party like PIP and other party. The other reason why I am learning USA Politics, I would like to move there one day and whatever the USA politics do n' said will influence/or affect Puerto Ricans. Whether you like it or not. I recommend, do a little research on why Puerto Ricans want independence and why we are fighting independence since Spain and now, the USA. (FYI; I don't say America because they're North, Center, and South America, plus even when you say the United States "OF" America. "Of" = Part ).

We need to fight our freedom when it comes, to speech, bodies, our lives. One day we might end up like Cuba, China, Russia and North Korea. Fyi I am part Cuban, I know some of my Cuban history from my family. They flee Cuba when Castro became a dictator.

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