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Friday, April 5, 2024

American Express First Credit card review

 Review: American Express EveryDay® Blue Card

It's my first card every, with a 2,000.00 credit limit and now it's at 5,000 limit. I was very surprised about the limit usually I have seen less than 1,000.00 limit.

I've been using the American Express EveryDay® Blue Card for almost a year now, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. From its exceptional rewards program to its outstanding customer service, this card has exceeded my expectations in every way.

One of the standout features of the American Express EveryDay® Blue Card is its Membership Rewards program. With every purchase I make, I earn Membership Rewards points that can be used for a variety of rewards, including travel, merchandise, gift cards, and statement credits I constantly prefer this sense in my case some of the other rewards don't applied to Puerto Rico. For some of you the versatility of the rewards program, allowing you to choose rewards that suit your lifestyle and preferences in my opinion.

Another highlight of this card is the $0 annual fee, making it a cost-effective option for anyone looking to maximize their rewards without breaking the bank. Plus, the introductory APR offer on purchases provides added flexibility for managing expenses.

American Express for their top-notch customer service. Whenever I've had questions or needed assistance, their customer service team has been incredibly helpful, patience with me and responsive, going above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I am still learning about credit card and credit limit. I was very apologetic "I am so sorry still new at this if I do this will affect my credit score or will it change etc, etc.

Additionally, the American Express EveryDay® Blue Card offers valuable benefits such as travel and purchase protection I haven't tried yet can't wait to have a vacation, roadside assistance, and access to exclusive events I will have to go to the USA to experience this.

In summary, the American Express EveryDay® Blue Card is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a first credit card, rewards with great benefits and exceptional service. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to maximize their rewards while enjoying the convenience and security of using an American Express card.

I Upgraded my Credit Card to American Express Cash Preferred, they offer me a good benefits, I will try it before the years end. If I love it I will keep it if not I will downgrade it back to American Express EveryDay® Blue Card.

Here my refer link Amex Refer If you used my refer link I can get 150.00 and you can get 250.00 when you spend 3000.00 in the six month when you get it. FYI it doesn't have to be the same card I have it can be any Amex card personal or even business.

I am not sponsored by American Express this all my experience and honest review.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

My Honest Review of Anime Ape.

 Let's get to the point.

Is the worst experience and Purchase I had ever made.


                                            This is what I order

                                                     Toushiro Hitsugaya Coat.                                                                            


                                                        Kenpachi of Zaraki Coat


    This are my two favorite captains Squad 10 Tôshiro Hitsugaya and Squad 11 Kenpachi Zaraki.

    I saw these two coat on instagram and I been eyeing for a while near christmas time. I decided to indulge myself my own christmas gift. it took months not kidding like 4 to 5 month to process and to be deliver to me.

    When it finally arrived I was extremely excited until I opened the package, 1st horrible smell of humidity, 2nd it felt wet and 3rd/lastly it had stains. Multiple stains! Not just the stains from the design other stain I am not sure what it is.


                                      The picture of above ↑ are from the first order

    In immediately I went to customer service, they sent me 2 replacement. The new one to less time to arrived took like 2 months and some how it was worst the the first order. Even bigger stains, even wetter, and smellier. How can this even be possible. I asked myself.


                                    These picture above ↑ are the replacement 

    Again I went to customer service they told me they can send a new one or my money back, at this point you know what I did, I asked my money back it was like $159.00 USD plus shipping, I didn't get my shipping money back, however I did get my money for the coats back.

    Glad I didn't buy the ugly sweater of Toshiro, I found a reviews is just a T-shirt that cost over $50.00. I thought it was a real sweater. I wanted other thing from that store as well. It sad because they have lots of cool products.

In my honest opinion:

I give a 0 🦇 of their product

I give a 3 🦇 of their costumer service

I give a 2 🦇 of their shipping packaging 

I give a 0 🦇 of their shipping delivery (FYI ain't cheap)

Will I ever buy here again, maybe if they fixed how to make sure it doesn't stain, nor smell and not come wet. Until then is -666 I will even buy from here ever again.

Overall its horrible in my honest opinion!!! 🦇🦇🦇

please if you ever bought from Anime ape tell me your experience on the comments below:

American Express First Credit card review

  Review: American Express EveryDay® Blue Card It's my first card every, with a 2,000.00 credit limit and now it's at 5,000 limit. I...