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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Affinity App Experience Perfect for Fashion

         One of the best substitutes of adobe!

Affinity Designer is the best $15.00 I ever spend on the app store. (FYI, I did buy the Affinity Photo for the iPad as well, eventually, I will buy the Affinity publisher)

The Affinity software has almost everything that the Adobe software has and constantly making an upgrade to the other feature the Adobe currently have. Another thing to consider you only have to pay once, one-time payment for Affinity app, not monthly nor yearly. Unlike Adobe, you have to pay the app you want every month or yearly, or all app for $52.99 monthly or pay yearly $599.88.

First off when I started using the Affinity app is looks complicated, at the begging is hard to move around the app until you get used to it. I had to see tutorial after tutorial to get around how the program works and to be honest I used Adobe programs a few times and it was complicated for me, I even gave up altogether to understand the basics of adobe. I was so frustrated I almost apply to a trade school just to learn Adobe. When it comes to Affinity yes it was complicated but now is easy and now with the new feature you can use your iPad and connect your Mac computer. I cannot wait to try!


Now this app is perfect for the future of fashion in my opinion. Everyone knows the standard in the fashion industry is Adobe app, but why I think Affinity is better. This is perfect if you are starting your own business or if you are a freelancer to work with a bigger brand clothing line.

Bonus if you have the app for both computers and iPad you can keep working on the go and again not paying monthly for the app like Adobe!


I would like to see in a near-future Affinity will make a video editor app, 3D, recording/editing software, and animation with the same or better feature than Premiere, Animate, Dimension, and Audition software.

Below is the first design I made on Affinity designer on the iPad. This is one of my best work I ever have done. I am not quite the best graphic designer but being my first time is amazing. The spider and web were made by user name Lavue, I left a link of his page if you want to get the same PNG or other design.

If I can save up for the new Mac computer I desperately need. I will update this post on my experience with the mirror screen on the iPad.

If you would like to commission me to do a background design please leave contact me at this email

Link Below ⇣
Spider image                            

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