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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

NaNOWriMo Contest July 1

I decided to enter the NaNo WriMo Contest July 1 to July 31 and hopefully pushed myself to write my novel called Cursed Bloodlines. Cursed Bloodlines is a potential series of novels, my hope his to finished writing my first novel this year or at least have half done. I want to share my progress with you or you want to enter as well.

If you want to follow me or see my progress keep in tune in mine blog. I also hoping to vlog my journey writing my novel, so you can feel my journey through this challenge I made for myself.

If I finished my novel, I am going to query my novel at least 30 book agent. These 30 Agents are the top I would be represented then I have another 20 going, to be honest, I am not sure off, but hey you never know if the person right for you.

I have a dream agent, if curious he names Matt Bialer. Ever since I saw him in a video Query Letter & Literary Agents on YouTube. I wished and hope he will come to my agent, but I know you have to be wary of a dream agent. Dream agents sometimes become the worst nightmare or meh. You need to find a literal agent that clicks with you, who has the best intention and wants you to succeed.

I need to be realistic maybe he won't accept my novel and maybe someone else will be. So what I do to combat my emotion or my wishes, I made a list of other agents of backups with the genre I am writing. I wrote next to a picture and there name what book they've published, try to author who presented them and see what they have said about there agent, then I do a pro and con. And most important for me this may sound silly I asked the universe "if this literary agent right for me, then, please send them my way or send me to the right person who really wants to publish my novel".

I would love to see and share my journey with you.
I will make updates on my progress.


Sadly I haven't updated my progress. My health has decline and my depression got worst. I am hoping to get better.

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