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Friday, July 10, 2020

Black Goth Own Business

I wanted to share places where you can support black own businesses, especially by goth subcultures.

If you are a goth/punk Black owner and you don't see your store here please message me I would love and appreciated adding you to my blog. 


ADORNED BY CHI - Three favorite things Chi makes, Clothes, Accessories, and all-time favorite Manga. If you are the type of Magical girl and little or big misfits. 

Shrine Of Hollywood - OMG! Gorgeous Women and Men's Clothing. I have been watching there Apparel for years on Instagram If had the money to buy one of those beautiful coats and Jackets. The only thing that is missing for me is pants for women.

PRETTY BOY GOTHIC  - Going, to be honest, is not my favorite but I know there other people who would love their t-shirts. When found this site I was a little disappointed because I thought they would have more option for men apparel. I hope they after the pandemic is over they make more options.

SWEET BITZ - Is not open yet the site, what I have seen I think is a great alternative store like Dolls Kill. Make sure you sign up to get an update when the store opens.

IN CONTROL CLOTHING - Another Great Alternative store Dolls kill. I am not a pink color girl but I saw a few I might rethink my clothing option. 

GOTHIC LAMB - I love their T-shirt especially Kiss from a rose. They have an amazing design please do check them out.

Three of Swords - It has some cute comfy sweatshirt and t-shirt. Is not my cup of tea, but I know someone else would love.

ELEGY CLOTHING -Fashion Designer! Very unique lolita hand made clothing and freaking cool illustrations on the fabric. 💓

SAMANTHA REI - Fashion designer! A Project Runway Season 16 competed sadly she didn't win, but on the bright side, she has a website with her amazing and detailed design.

DARK JASMINE CLOTHING - Fashion Designer! I fell in love with her designs. The PVC bathing suit Amazing! I wish I could buy everything from her store.

Vickibewicked - Want some pastel in your life, well VickibeWicked have want you to want and with Afro style. 

SPOOKY KIDS - two words, Leather and blood. That all I need to know. I cannot purchase yet my size is a backorder. Mama will be waiting. 


Black Widow Beauty - Lipstick and lashes to die for. 

GLAM GOTH BEAUTY - Eyelashes, glitter, and everything glamorous dark.


BAD DAHLIA - You tuber Marie Musterful Have some interesting jewelry. I hope she makes more and she also sells eyelashes. So go buy some!

Drop-dead and Wrought - Amazing sunglasses and jewelry. My favorite glasses below.

Image of Victorian Midnight

For a while, I wanted to make a post, but my situation happen in my life, I lost my dog, had many families emergency, my computer died. 

Thank you to my friend who wants to anonymous for letting use of it computer, to make this post.

Update thanks to a friend's recommendation I found someone to fix my computer and now I have a computer again.

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